A Moisturizing Red Lipstick You Can Wear All Day

I discovered Ilia’s Bang Bang before I started my safe makeup journey and quickly fell in love. This nontoxic, natural red lipstick has a matte finish and can add a pop of color without being too over the top. You can layer the color to give more or less drama. I’m such a fan that I gave it to my all bridesmaids as a gift to wear on my on my wedding day back in 2013. 

A 2-in-1 Lip Balm and Lipstick

The color and quality are great, but it’s the moisturizing texture that makes Ilia Bang Bang a real standout. This product is technically a tinted conditioner — not a lipstick — which means it won’t dry out your lips and leave you with red pigment that stays in the cracks but disappears everywhere else. That situation made me weary of using colorful, red lipstick. But thanks to Ilia, I don’t have that problem anymore.

Ilia’s conditioning qualities also cut down on the number of products I have to carry around with me. I don’t have to pair it with a lib balm. This is a one-stop shop product. So for events that require a clutch or on days when I’m just rushing out of the house, I just grab this and know I have the secret to a polished look. The” Bang Bang” red tone skews more toward blue than yellow, helping my teeth pop a bit, too. 

Basically, this nontoxic, non-messy natural red lipstick should be in every safe-makeup lover’s purse. Ilia lip products receive a 2 rating from EWG, making it a safe go-to.

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