Honeybees Are the Secret to This Natural Moisturizer

Looking for a natural moisturizer that you can use for various skincare needs? Longtime cult favorite Egyptian Magic has only safe ingredients, like beeswax and royal jelly, and its heavy consistency makes it an ideal overnight cream or lip balm. Here is my full product review:

Why I Decided to Try It

Mid-winter, I was looking for a lotion that would keep my skin hydrated. I typically use almond oil as my only facial moisturizer (besides sunscreen) and like how it evens out my skin. I liked that Egyptian Magic has a similar no-flair, all-purpose approach and recognizable ingredients.

First Impression

The container looks pretty old school and reminds me of Dr. Bronner’s. Egyptian Magic has a faint smell, similar to Burt’s Bees, but not nearly as strong.

Ease of Use

There is almost a warm feeling as you rub in the Egyptian Magic. And you don’t need much, either. While this natural moisturizer is on the heavier side, it penetrates better than my almond oil and will soak in completely overnight. During the day, it will give you a dewy look if you use it under your makeup. I find that it evens out my skin and makes it feel smooth, working like a primer. It is difficult to rub in when you’re wet right out of the shower, so I haven’t been using it as a full-body lotion as much as a I’d like to.


I can confirm Egyptian Magic has “powerful hydrating benefits” as promised. I swear the line on my forehead faded a bit after using the product for two weeks. I’m curious how it would work if you have oily skin, but if you’re looking for something natural to use on dry skin or chapped lips, I definitely recommend it. It didn’t make me break out either, like more high-end face oils have.


Olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly extract, and bee propolis. The product gets a 1 on EWG. I’m not afraid of oil on my skin and have been using royal jelly in smoothies lately, which got me intrigued about putting it on my body, too. Royal jelly is what honeybees make for the queen bee, and it’s been said to help fertility, reduce signs of aging, and boost your immune system.

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Cream is Available on Amazon Prime

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