I Found a Natural Deodorant That Works

If you care about using safe cosmetics, making the switch to a natural deodorant is an obvious step. Still, it’s not an easy one. Yes, we want to protect ourselves from dangerous chemicals that may cause allergies, cancer, or reproductive problems. But embarrassing body odor can feel like a high price to pay. While I found it easy to switch to a clean lipstick or mascara, giving up my trusted deodorant was a harder habit to break.

I’ve finally found a natural deodorant that works — it’s called crystal deodorant and it’s available on Amazon Prime. I came across the concept for the first time while on vacation in Paris. It was summer and about 100 degrees out. I was six-months pregnant and looking for a natural deodorant that didn’t include any harmful ingredients for my baby. As I scanned the personal care aisle in Monoprix, I noticed that the crystal deodorant contained only one ingredient. It seemed like the safest bet.

I was right. Crystal deodorant simply contains potassium alum (mineral salts), an ingredient that gets a safe rating from EWG. This natural deodorant doesn’t contain potentially-harmful fragrances, parabens, or aluminum chlorohydrate. And it’s hypoallergenic.
There is no scent, and you don’t have to worry about getting it on your clothes.

Crystal deodorant creates an invisible barrier against the bacteria that causes odor. In order to activate the crystal, you run it under water and then apply it under your arms. You can also put it on right after the shower when your armpits are still wet. The product is most effective when applied to clean skin. It feels like a smooth stone gliding onto your skin. There is no scent, and you don’t have to worry about getting it on your clothes. It almost feels like you’re not wearing anything.

The crystal works. While wearing it, you may still sweat, since it’s not an antiperspirant. But that sweat won’t create any body odor, even on hot days or when working out.

Once back in the states, I found the Crystal Deodorant Stick on Amazon. It performs just as well as the one I got in France. If you’re on the hunt for a natural, nontoxic — and most importantly effective — deodorant, look no further.

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