Which Natural Mascara Is the Best?

Quick! If you could only use one type of makeup for the rest of your life what would it be? For me, it’s easy: mascara. But I’m not willing to compromise my health for pretty lashes. Luckily, there are some quality, nontoxic mascaras available. I got my hands on the three, from W3LL People, Ilia, and Lily Lolo. Each gives a different look — and one rises about the rest. Keep reading to find out: what is the best natural mascara?

Left of photo: W3LL People. Right of photo: Lily Lolo.

W3LL People

The W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara includes natural ingredients like beeswax and promises to lengthen your lashes.

Results: The brush is easy to handle and helps me get to all my lashes with lots of control. I like the delicate look my lashes get with this mascara. I put on three coats, and while I didn’t notice much thickening happening, it makes my lashes look longer. It does tends to flake under my eyes toward the end of a long day. But it wipes away easily.

Ingredients: W3LL PEOPLE’s Expressionist Mascara is EWG Verified, which means the brand provided total transparency to the Environmental Working Group in order to get its seal of approval. That’s a big plus!

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo Natural Mascara uses natural botanicals to add volume.

Results: Are you sure those are my lashes? I barely recognized them when I put this on. Lily Lolo’s mascara adds both length and thickness. It gives that dramatic pop I need to finish my look. The brush gets a lot of product on it, making it a little messy to apply. But I like that you can add more coats to build up the effect. It did not fall down under my eyes during the day.

Ingredients: The mascara gets a 2 on EWG, which means it is safe.


I love my Ilia red lipstick, so was excited to try the Ilia Mascara in the shadow of a doubt (ash brown) shade.

Results: I like to think this mascara will trick people into thinking I was born with great lashes. The color is subtle and the clumping minimal, which means you might not be able to tell I’m wearing mascara. It’s a solid daytime/ weekend choice, especially for someone like me, who has blond lashes.

Ingredients: Gets a 1 on EWG. It is not listed, but I used the Build Your Own Report tool to test ingredients.

Left of photo: Ilia. Right of photo: my natural lashes.

Lily Lolo Is the Winner

The Lily Lolo mascara is buildable and the most dramatic. It doesn’t feel like a compromise from conventional mascara. While all three will fit into my routine, I’m happy I found the Lily Lolo.


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